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5.0 Stars - Based on 18 User Reviews
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Comments From Those We Have Served

All staff seemed very caring and sincere.
Pam L.
Christopher M.
Calesha R.
Kathryn has been a God send! Very caring and sincere
Jacqueline B.
Catherine - only person we worked with but she was very timely with responses and information as well as provided... read more
Nancy B.
John McLenden was more than kind, not in a rush.
Marilyn H.
Katherine was very helpful in relating the process and I felt she expressed real sympathy
Jennifer L.
John McLendon was empathetic and helpful without feeling rushed or feeling ill informed.
Glenn F.
Catherine just heaven sent
Tiana E.
John Mclendon is a great person very caring .
Lee A.
Angela S.
The price was great but the quality was even better. The place looked nice, very professional and the staff showed... read more
Raynaldo S.
Catherine rawdin helped me every step of the way
Frank T.
William A.
Catherine guided us caringly through all decisions and offered understandable explanations to all questions.
Carol B.
Catherine Rawdin was so helpful and answered every question thoroughly. A wonderful representative!

John was our initial contact. Very...
read more
Terry C.
Jeff B.
Rolanda M.
Catherine was very professional, helpful, and compassionate.
Laurie E.
Catherine Rawdin was very kind, compassionate and helpful during this process.
Sharon W.
I dealt with Catherine the most, and found her to have no faults
Jennifer K.
Barbara M.
Cynthia R.
Elaine C.
John. He was very helpful and kind.
Kimberly A.
Catherine Rawdin, is the main person I spoke with. She was considerate, kind, patient and understanding during the... read more
Brenda S.
They called me the day after my father passed and was so gentle and kind on not wanting to bother... read more
Mary S.
Mei-yin T.
Kathleen and her kindness and help
Diane W.
Robert I.
Catherine. She took time out to help us and we didn’t feel rushed about anything or like “customers” it was... read more
Cynthia P.
John very kind and caring.
Kathy C.
Karen G.
Cindy L.
Alfred L.
Everyone treated us with respect. The two gentleman who came to our home initially, and then John and Catherine.
Peggy H.
Glenn E.
Tyler Flynn was very respectful and helpful answering questions.
Bailey K.
The director and the gang was awesome
Charisma G.
Susan D.
Catherine was very nice and professional.
William C.
Rosemary A.
Thomas D.
Richard H.
Darryl E.
Randy S.
Jeremy Groce was the first one I met, it was on a zoom call and Jeremy was honest, sincere, transparent,... read more
Dianne P.
All of the staff were very welcoming and helpful, even over the weekends.
Roxanne S.
Keisha R.
Very professional group. Reasonable cost and guidance to what we needed. I will use their services again
Kay B.
Luisa W.
Darlene D.
Travis A.
Kent was extremely welcoming and helpful on initial visit.
Jeremy was understanding and helpful with all steps of process. Will...
read more
Cynthia C.
Jeremy was our main point of contact and he helped tremendously
Rachel E.
Kimberly H.
All super nice
Krystle L.
Deborah E.
Carol H.
Jeremy really cared about meeting our needs.
Evelyn K.
Kent Brondel was so helpful.
Pamela M.
Frederick J.
They were all very helpful and understanding for our questions and concerns
Ashley H.
George C.
Kristy B.
Michael P.
We live out of state and Piedmont was so wonderful to work with via phone/e-mail. They were professional and caring.
Joyce C.
Jeanne H.
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that Kent Brondel has been nothing but amazing to our family. He... read more
Bruce P.
Peter S.
We used piedmont cremation services and had nothing short of an amazing experience. This was one of the most difficult... read more
I cannot say enough about Piedmonts team
Kent, Kyle, and Tyler worked Friday night and Saturday to give us a traditional...
read more
Boyd P.
During the most difficult time in our adult lives Piedmont Funeral Services helped my family through all the steps to... read more
LaWanda S.
For me, Piedmont's exceptional customer service surpassed even their extremely affordable pricing. Owner Jeremy Groce is, or should be, an... read more
Laura N.
Piedmont help me so much. They took care of my father and his ashes extremely well. I had to raise... read more
Britney M.
Piedmont help me so much. They took care of my father and his ashes extremely well. I had to raise... read more
Britney C.
Piedmont help me so much. They took care of my father and his ashes extremely well. I had to raise... read more
Britney M.
I would recommend this place to anyone that has lost someone. They were very thorough and very compassionate. Amanda was... read more
Candice W.
Amanda was awesome helping us with our son Vance's arrangements she literally made us so comfortable in the whole process.... read more
Nichole S.
During the absolute darkest time ever in my life, the team of people at Piedmont Cremation were not only the... read more
Regina S.
Compassionate and affordable care for my loved one.
Ashley P.
Very professional and helpful in a difficult time.
Jennifer S.
This place very good took tare me and mine really appericate y'all
Tracy L.
Piedmont Cremation & Funeral Service is a true blessing to this community. Thanks for all you do for our family.
Amanda H.
Friendly staff, upfront, no hidden costs amd very professional. Great Prices.
Lewis G.